The CBBE Skyrim Mod will improve the appearance of female NPCs in the game. It will enhance the body of NPC by providing it a re-modeled start looking. It will also enable you to customize the starting equipment and place amongst people. You can even shut off dragons, which is an important feature in the game. There are several ways you can make use of this mod. Continue reading to find out tips on how to apply it to your own character.

Initial, install the CBBE mod. It will make your NPC’s physique look better. You can actually use it for just about any NPC, including NPCs. This mod might also change the body system of all adult female heroes. After you have installed the mod, you can start customizing bodily your persona. Once you’ve selected a physique, you are able to change it with a few clicks.

You can also customize the female NPCs’ click appearance using the Caliente’s Amazing Bodies Increaser. The CBBE mod requires both BodySlide and Attire Dojo. Unlike CBBE, you don’t need they to make an outfit look more attractive. But you should still pay attention to the presets when ever applying it. In this manner, you can get a custom-made body and make it look like you could have a different body shape.