Furniture from Bernh. Pedersen & Søn is manufactured to last for generations to come. Attention to a few basic points will help you protect your piece of furniture.

Every piece of furniture will be unique, because its grain pattern, texture and colour has been created and designed by nature. This is precisely what makes wood so fascinating and suitable for furniture manufacture. Thus, differences in colour, shade and structure, weak and strong graining are a sign of genuineness and are not considered to be defects but rather reflect the fact that each part of the furniture may be from a different cut from the tree trunk or from different trees. Trees have knots. This is not a fault in the wood but the natural boundary of a branch’s connection to the trunk.

Some woods undergo considerable colour changes after unpacking. This is due to processes initiated by sunlight. The more UV radiation from the sun the furniture receives, the quicker it will change colour. If you wish to delay this process you should therefore avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight after taking it into use.

Allow all surfaces stand uncovered for the first few months; in this way you avoid shadow marks from dishes, vases etc. Wooden furniture should be placed in rooms with a relative air humidity of 40-50% and a temperature of approximately 20°C. We recommend to use a hygrometer to control the air
humidity in your home.

Defects or damages occurring because of improper use or maintenance (i.e. not in accordance with the instructions) are not covered by the warranty.


Clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters will effectively remove dust. Do not use chemicals, detergents, scrub sponges, steel wool or the like as this will discolour or damage the surface. All cleaning and treatment should be done in the direction of the grain.


We recommend that you always maintain oil treated wood with oil to prevent the wood from drying out. We recommend that you treat your furniture twice a year, before and after the winter period. As the procedure for applying oil may vary from product to product, we recommend that you follow the maintenance instructions accompanying the oil product chosen. Cloths with oil residues should either be burned or soaked with water and packed in aluminum foil before disposal to avoid self-ignition. Disposal according to local regulations.


Lacquered wood does not require maintenance. For daily cleaning wipe the furniture with a clean cloth well wrung out in clean, lukewarm water followed by wiping with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as scouring powders or creams.


For daily cleaning wipe the furniture with a clean cloth well wrung out in clean, lukewarm water followed by wiping with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as scouring powders or creams. We recommend that you soap treat your furniture 4 times a year or when needed. As the procedure for applying soap may vary from product to product, we recommend that you follow the maintenance instructionsaccompanying the product chosen.


Dust regularly with a clean, soft cloth and regular vacuum clean using a soft brush. Avoid use of detergents and sharp objects. Contact your furniture retailer concerning stains and thorough cleaning, and get instructions for the leather in question.


Cleaning and maintaining upholstered furniture regularly is important to retain the appearance of the fabric and to prolong its lifespan. Vacuum clean
frequently (possibly at half power), preferably every week. Avoid use of detergents and sharp objects. It is important to do what you can to remove stains immediately. Contact your furniture retailer concerning stains, and get instructions for the fabric in question.


  • Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays, chemicals, detergents, scrub sponges, steel wool or the like.
  • Do not place wet or hot items directly on your wooden furniture.
  • Do not place plastic or rubber objects directly on your wooden furniture. Chemicals in plastic and some rubber may soften or discolour the finish.
  • Do avoid these markings, place a strip of felt, leather or cork under accessories.
  • Never place furniture too close to radiators or other heat sources.
  • In order to keep the colour of the wood, leather or fabric direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Furniture from Bernh. Pedersen & Søn should never be used outdoors.
  • If in doubt, ask your retailer.